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Youz Preventie Haaglanden – Sportschool voor je gevoel

Thanks to Julius Pot, who introduced me to a friend who was looking for an animation, I got in contact with Youz. A mental health organisation which wanted to emphasize the wellbeing of young peoples mental health. It was quite a hard job to visualize but I think we managed it pretty well as I really like the style and the message it sends. From the start of this project I allready had the idea in my head of this character and it worked out awesomely with the logo as well. Had a lot of fun working on this! Thanks tor the awesome job! Check out their website >> here <<


This is one of the five animations we made!


Thanks to Pieter Sijtsma for the design work. (Portfolio website)

Thanks to Max Oostveen for the audio design/VFX (Portfolio website)