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Our team is one of a kind Our team is one of a kind

Companies we
work with

In the most hectic months of their year, I’ve been asked to support them with Commerce week. This is a giant event which has a video screen of 52m wide (and yes, the video’s we make, are shown on that screen, full width!) Clients they have in their portfolio are Heineken, Deloitte, Asics and

For Conclusion I gathered a team of specialists to develop a new animation format for translating their new propositions. Together with a designer (Pieter Sjitsma), voice-over (Sem Chouika) and SFX composer (Max Oostveen) we try to squeeze out as much as possible to make the best suiting animations we can get! Also there is a great collaboration with everyone within Conclusion!

As they are a Hubspot specialist partner, sometimes there is some design, edit or animation work. This is where I help them and their clients out. Clients in their portfolio are for example, Dupont, TMSI and XSENS.

For Filmdepartment I do all kinds of stuff. Examples are making templates in After Effects and Premiere Pro or a full 2D animation. Clients they have in their portfolio are Action, Rituals and ONVZ.

I sometimes help DDJMEDIA in a busy period with their narrowcasting projects, which play in stores like Albert Heijn, Intersport or Hema.

You could be here!

I am always looking for more clients to work with! I’m the kind of person who likes to build a relationship and know eachother. This way we both work faster, better and more efficient. Contact me via email or phone!